Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to install Apache Tomcat on windows

Today i explain here about tomcat 8.0 installation in windows 7.
Step 1)   Firstly we download java jdk(java development kit) on system
                     from official website of Oracle corporation.
                     after installing JDK we should define JAVA_HOME variable
                in system environmental variables.JAVA_HOME should be
                write as the directory path of java installation folder.  

Step 2)   After that we must define JRE_HOME variable also in system
               environmental variables.
               JRE_HOME = C:\program files\java\jre (as default)      
               It is that most important variable for running tomcat because 
               Catlina intracts with JRE for startup.

Step 3)   Now download Apache Tomcat from official website.

Step 4)   Install it in system drive like C:\ as default.

Step 5)   Start tomcat server in cmd using following command :

Step 6)   Open the browser and type localhost:8080 .If you see the
               tomcat official window then it was install successfully.

In above image i changed my port to 5484.

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