Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to Choose a Right Smartphone

Buying a smartphone is always a mind game.we never satisfy own needs with electronics. For buying right electronic gadget we should remember tips as follows:

1)Screen : Screen is the main part of smartphone. A good smartphone company offers many screen features. Screen size generally defines the size of smartphone,screen length usually measured diagonally.their are many screen types available in market like, LCD, LED, IPS, AMOLED, OLED etc.
If you wanna buy a good screen smartphone the you can choose AMOLED(active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display. This is available in Google Nexus 6  with 493 ppi  Samsung Galaxy S5  with 576 ppi.
Another good screen feature is its covering, so you should prefer corning gorilla glass 4. This is latest version for protecting screen.
2)Camera : Camera is also a attractive feature of phone. Companies offering 5-13 MP camera under RS 15000 in India 2014-15. ASUS Zenfones, micromax, htc, samsung are best camera smartphones.

3)Processor : Processor is the main part of smartphone. Before buying you must remember that what do u expect with your phone. If you wanna buy a gaming phone then it should be high processor phone with graphic card. Processor's clock speed defines the operating speed of smartphone so the processor having high clock speed having superfast processing. Companies offering 1GHZ to 2.8 GHZ processor smartphones in latest. you can can choose one of them.
One thing should be keep in mind before selecting processor is that RAM must be enough to utilize processor speed.

4)Battery : Battery is important for smartphone or any other electronic gadget. Battery life and battery capacity both are important for phone. In my view smartphone having high processor should have battery more than 3000 mAh.there are many types of batteries present Li-ion polymer.

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