Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to install PhpMyAdmin

Phpmyadmin is used for database management.There are several other software which we need for using it. 
  1. One server (apache, wampserver).
  2. Mysql database.
  3. PHP environment.
  4. Phpmyadmin 4.3 or later.

1) First install Mysql databse on system.

2) After that install apache in system drive in a self made folder.You can named it as you want.

3) After it extract PHP in that folder.

4) After that change file into php.ini .

5) After that extract phpmyadmin zip file into apache/htdocs folder.

6) After that copy phpinfo.php file from phpmyadmin folder into apche /htdocs.

7)  After that open the browser and type "localhost/phpinfo.php". You will see the follwing  window :

PHPMYADMIN description   


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