Thursday, 9 April 2015

WINDWOS 7 Performance Boosting tips

Here i will explain how to boostup win7 performance without any just begin with my hands guys : 
  1. Firstly go to the system protection option, then create option and create restore point for your system.
  2. Now if you have any antivirus then replace it with more efficient antivirus as avast which uses least system memory.
  3. Install any anti-malware software as "malwarebytes" and perform a full scan.
  4. Install any utility software and scan the system.
  5. Now go to the start menu and type "services.msc" and stop the service "window search.Go to the properties of this service and change start up type to disable.
  6.  Now go to the system properties, then go to the performance settings and select adjust for best performance option.Now check these options : 
  7. Now go to the same window as above under performance option go to the advance tab and then go to the virtual memory section and click change.After it uncheck automatically  mange paging option then select custom size and type "11983" in both blank spaces then click set.
  8. Disable theme service from services.msc and also stop it.
  9. Check your RAM it is working fine if it not then purchase a new one with same configuration as your system wants.
  10. Go to the start menu then type "msconfig".Now under boot tab go to the advanced option and check the no. of processors and set it to the highest no. of processors.

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