Thursday, 9 April 2015

Google Chromebit

Google chromebit is basically a dongle. It is a PC in face of usb. Google going to launch it soon. It is world's first usb pc. It will cost upto 100$ approx and in indian market will be 6000 approx. When we will join it to normal TV it will convert it in to a PC. A mouse and keyboard can also join it through bluetooth. It is very useful for businessman and students also.Chromebit works when it will connect to any display.

There are some other companies like intel and some other chinese companies have been selling Android HDMI dongle-computers since over a year based on the Rockchip RK3288 processor. Intel computer stick is also announced in 150$ but chromebit is not similar with these. Intel computer stick is a HDMI dongle having powerful features, it having 1.33 GHz quad core intel atom processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB solid state storage. It also have wifi, bluetooth, and maybe microSD slot.

Whereas chromebit is made up by google ans asus. It is similar to google chromecast. Google announced to release it in summer approximately. Chromecast is used for streaming videos over internet on TV whereas chromebit will also work for some other part of a new wave of machines that use Chrome OS, an operating system built for the internet age. Based on the Google Chrome web browser, the OS is designed for use with internet-based applications such as Google’s Gmail email service and its Google Docs word processor, reducing our dependence on the bulky local software that traditionally runs on PCs, moving tasks onto a cheaper breed of hardware as a result, and, ostensibly, improving security. With a Chromebit, you don’t even need a notebook or netbook—you just slip the stick into the HDMI port of a display at home, work, or an Internet cafe.The Chromebit doesn’t appear to be a truly novel idea, but rather a nice effort on the part of Google to market an existing concept.


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